[Sorcerer] Actual demon: The Willbreaker

Started by John S, April 27, 2011, 11:04:23 PM

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John S

This is not from actual play, but something I have an ongoing relationship with now that I realized is demonic.

The Willbreaker

Type: Object (small fleece blanket)
Telltale: A creature wrapped in the blanket appears to be in complete repose, not even breathing

Abilities: Hold, Special Nonlethal Damage; When wrapped around a small mammal, like a baby, the Willbreaker subdues the creature with sleep.

Stamina: 3
Will: 4
Lore: 2
Power: 4

Desire & Need: ???

Yes, I have a new baby. We use the Willbreaker when he can't sleep, and so far it works every time. Maybe it needs body heat.

Ron Edwards