[FUBAR] Director's Cut Now Available

Started by Vulpinoid, May 11, 2011, 11:47:12 PM

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FUBAR Director's Cut

To the many of you who have downloaded my game FUBAR (and the few of you who have offered constructive criticism and useful feedback), I have finished a second edition of this game.

Almost twelve months of irregular playtests and feedback have shown that the system is fairly rugged, but needed a few tweaks to really get the type of play experience that I was after.

Since most of the negative feedback I received about the game was generally to do with the font that I used for the text (rather than the actual mechanisms of the game), I've changed the font throughout to something more legible.

A few other changes have been made based on the feedback I received from my "Walkabout" entry in the most recent game chef (since it uses essentially the same game engine), and my plans to release a few more "genre-expansions" for the system.

If you downloaded the original and thought it was good, I hope that you find the new version even better.

If you downloaded the original and couldn't get past the font, I hope that you'l now be able to read it and decide for yourself whether it's a great system or not.

If you didn't download the original, maybe a new revision might prompt you to have a look. It's still free.

The entire system is released under and attribution share-alike creative commons license. Feel free to modify it, hack it, steal from it, just give some credit where it's due (I've tried to make sure I've done likewise with the inspirations for the system). For the moment, the files are only on RPGNow, but they will be made available on the Vulpinoid Studios website soon.
A.K.A. Michael Wenman
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