Potential "returning member" would like some advice.

Started by Catelf, January 31, 2011, 03:07:19 PM

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Catelf here, it was, i assume, more than a year ago since i was even the slightest active here.

I saw the changes, and i think they are good.
I found my old "project", Ferals, in the inactive files. Fully understandable, due to the time since i made it, and the remake of this site.
I read some, and found that some of the personal issues i had at the time, sadly influenced my responses too much.
(I might still have personal issues, but now i have far better ways to vent them, so i don't think they'll interfere nowadays, as they did then.)
So, how would the best way be to pull up my "old" project again?


Ron Edwards

Hi Kim,

It's great to see you again. I felt that we hadn't managed to achieve a real discussion of your material.

I recommend that you begin a new thread in Game Development, which includes links to the old discussions for reference. Also, you've probably seen the new requirement for some kind of design document external to the Forge. Let me know if you have any questions about that.

Best, Ron


Thank you.
I feel that too, but at the time, i had issues i had problems handling, and i also became very busy on another site.
Now i feel i can take up this, here, again.

Yes, i do have questions about "external design document":
As i remember, i did get to put up the basic rules to [Ferals] on this Site.
However, even though the basic rules aren't probable to change, i may still need to change, or add, minor things.

But, i guess it isn't possible to change things in the inactive files, and even if it would be possible, you may still(as Moderator) prefer that i had that kind of file elsewhere.

Recently, for another reason, i got an account on MediaFire, a File Storage Site.
I guess putting the Basic Rules there would suffice, especially since i can update those files at any time?
(Ok, i have to update the file at my own computer first, of course.)

To begin with, i guess i should link to the [Ferals] Inactive File here, if only because it includes the old discussions about it as well.

Ron Edwards

Hi Kim,

I think I can answer all of these questions.

When you post your new thread, include two links. (1) To the external document on Mediafire, which you should prepare before posting. It doesn't matter if this document is incomplete as long as enough is there for readers to understand your point in the thread. (2) To any of the older discussions about Ferals in threads here.

Best, Ron


Thank you, Ron.
Ok, now i'll need to prepare the MediaFire File before i post the new Thread.
This may take a while, for several reasons.

However, i have had conciderations, so the Game i will try at, will possibly not be called "Ferals", since it will probably be more "Cyberpunk" (or rather, more "Shadowrun"), than "Ferals" originally was intended to be.

Should i skip the link to "Ferals", then, or should i include it?


Ron Edwards

Hi Kim,

You can include the link to the old Ferals discussion or to any other old thread, if you think it will be helpful to the reader. If not, you don't have to. It's completely up to you.

Best, Ron


... I think it is better to continue in this thread, than making a new, since it still is about my Rpg-project, and questions concerning how and where to post what.

Essentially, i have a lot of ideas for my rpg-projects, but i like them all, so i seem unable to focus on any one variant, unless someone else shows interest on it as well.
I have the basic rules done, though, and i am thinking that i perhaps needs someone i can discuss ideas with, to really find what i actually should have in the Rpg i try to complete first.

I seem to prefer something i call "Modern plus", but even there, there are so many things to choose between.
As a comparison, one can say that ShadowRun is Cyberpunk + Fantasy Creatures + Magic.
I seem to be preferring Modern + Furries + some magic + some Anime Mecha.

However, i'm unsure of how to present the question, and i may even have some ideas that becomes clearer, as something else is proposed, perhaps making the one who suggested something else feel unappreciated.
... The question?
It's "How to define the Magic and the Mecha?".
Actually, i also like "Superheroes", and all these things easily adds upp to huge questions.
Perhaps, i even should simplefy the Furries/Anthros?
.... And so on.

But also, what do i do if i get no responses?

M. J. Young

Welcome back, Catelf.

Your first question is a bit confusing to me, although I'll admit I haven't looked to see whether you've started a thread with a link to a posted document.  It sounds, though, as if you're asking people here to suggest how to make the magic and the mecha work in your game.  I think the better approach, from a Forge perspective, would be to begin by sketching as much of what you think ought to be the system in your reference document, and then post to the design board here to get feedback on those ideas, or even to poke holes in your own work and get suggestions for how that might be remedied.  That is, "In the document, mecha is created this way; I'm not really happy about that because of this, but I'm not sure how to get around that."

As to getting no response, my understanding is that if you ask clear focused questions in threads with limited scope you will almost certainly get response.  Thus "How can I fix this problem that I see with this aspect of the mecha system" is much more likely to get responses than "what do you think of my game".

I hope that helps.

--M. J. Young


Thank you, M. J. Young.

I did make a thread, but i was affected by some responses i had gotten, probably on another site ... so i was probably too influenced by cyberpunk (& military). I did include a link to the basic system (you can search for [CyberCross], i think).

I'm not even certain what to ask for, or how to phrase the questions, and i guess that may end up in my questions being vague ....
The only thing i know, is that i like a multi-genre variant of "modern", and has to include some kind of animal anthros("furry").
But i'm aware that i probably need something to focus the stofocus the possible storyline on ..... or do i?
I mean, i can easily imagine a kind of CoC-like setting, or near future with mecha-armor & bionics, or something "Superheroes"-styled, or servitude towards a master mage ....
I have considered making just the basic rules .... basic, and then perhaps have other parts as a kind of supplements/expansions.

Essentially, i need help to sort out the questions, before i can ask them ....



Hi Kim,

I'm not sure I can help you out with figuring out the right questions to ask, but I wanted to post links to three threads that you might find helpful:

"I don't know where to start..." (where Ron discusses the basics of a game text).

How to present a mechanic for discussion (especially Valamir and Ron's first posts)

Advice on getting results from playtesters (where Vincent talks about the search for outside playtesters being a game's first solid marketing test".

Actually, looking at those threads, I've noted that Ralph suggests you can ask a question like this: "I'm looking for effect Y, do you think X will get me there?". It 's a 'yes or no' type question around a specific topic. That might be a way in to discussing your design.

To paraphrase Ron and Ralph, here's some of what's being said in those threads:


All you need to get down on paper for a rough draft of your game to present are these three things:

•   Procedural instructions - "the rules"
•   Reward - making it clear what you expect the real-world social and creative fun of playing your game will involve
•   Raw Color - you writing material that conveys your excitement and fascination and inspiration about the topics of your game to the reader.


When you're creating a thread for your game, try the following:

1) State in plain language what makes the game engaging at the group level, to the real people will do. Do not get wrapped up in describing the imagined Situations during play.

2) Mention (do not explain) the Setting and Character concepts. Saying "eight non-human species to choose from" is all we need, rather than describing them in gruesome cultural detail. Also, if there isn't an immediate relationship between #1 and #2, you'll be sure to hear about it.

3) State the basic concept of character creation - what is chosen first? What is done with points, if any? What is rolled? And so on. Also, state what basic resolution system is involved - how are talking, randomized methods, etc, all utilized?

4) State what reward mechanic is involved - is it character improvement? Player privilege? What? And furthermore, state how a character is reduced in effectiveness or otherwise inhibited from further action, temporarily or permanently.

5) Just about all other features of role-playing arise from these things and their interactions, so anything else can be shelved.


Some principles you might consider applying when you're creating your thread:

1. Asking "What do you think", "any thoughts", or "feedback wanted please" probably won't get you the results you want as the responses will be all over the place and won't address the issue at hand.

2:  Ask a focused question.  End your post with a specific question.  Not "what do you think" but "I'm looking for effect Y, do you think X will get me there".  Ask yes / no type questions.  The Forge is the kind of place where posters will tell you yes or no AND give you the reasoning behind their answer.  That leads to productive discussions on specific topics.

3.  1 thread 1 idea.  Threads inevitably drift ...but putting several ideas into 1 thread will either overwhelm the reader or result in a confused mass of cross-posts.

4:  The recommendation is you only have 1 active thread at a time, to avoid getting overwhelmed.  When that thread reaches a conclusion, introduce the next one.

5:  Avoid stream of conciousness brain dumps.  Brain dumping is an important part of the creative process.  Its amazing how useful it is to collect those stray ideas and finally get them down in some format.  Just don't use a Forge post for that topic.  Do your brain dumping in a WP file.  Then go through and organize it, clean it up, and come up with some focused questions from it...post those...not the brain dump.

6. You can increase the chances of people helping if you (a) show enthusiasm for your game, and (b) make definite steps to publish your idea (a solid game/attack plan), and have signs or proof of those steps (ex: "Hey all, I plan on publishing this in X months"), before you post.

I hope that's helpful, Kim. Good luck with the design!

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