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Author Topic: Phasing Out the Forge--Personally  (Read 8372 times)
M. J. Young

Posts: 2213

« on: July 15, 2011, 04:51:25 AM »

There was a time when I was very active here; I'm still in the top twenty members by total number of posts.  However, the changes here have gradually marginalized me--the forums on which I was most active are now inactive, the preferred approach to discussion is more challenging and time consuming for me than I can invest, and most of my now weekly visits amount to glancing in a couple places to confirm that there is nothing for me to contribute at this time.

And I don't really like change; and I don't really like watching things I have loved come to their ends. It makes more sense for me to shift the time to other demanding calls, and end my visits here.

So I am saying farewell to the Forge--hopefully not to the people here, who I hope I will continue to encounter elsewhere, but to this forum (in the broader sense) and what it has meant.

I am still quite active at the relatively quiet Gaming Outpost. I have a presence at several "social networks" including Facebook and Twitter, and the e-mail address in my profile is still good. If you need me, I'm still pretty easy to find.

Otherwise, thanks for all you have all done to help me better understand this hobby, and for letting me hammer out ideas with you over the years.

--M. J. Young

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