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Author Topic: [AW] Hocus cult, PC cultist in stupor and other questions  (Read 8649 times)
Moreno R.

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« on: June 25, 2011, 08:39:53 PM »

Hi! This is a question about the effects of being in a cult

Character Creation, first session.

Snake is a Hocus, his cult contain followers involved in successful commerce, they are rigorous and argumentative, but are drug-fixated and decadent and perverse.

So, his cult is like this:
Fortune: 2
Surplus: 1-barter 1-insight 1-stupor
Want: desertion, savagery

Before the cult was finalized, another PC, Emerald the Battlebabe joined the cult (as soon as she heard "decadent and perverse", to be exact...).

At the time the player did misread the rules and I didn't check: now, reading again the rulebook, I think that when he roll for Fortune at the beginning of a session, if he succeed, he gets both barter and the rest of the surplus, he can't choose some and discard the rest: so if he gets barter, he gets followers in drug-induced stupor, too (maybe he is the one who sells them dope: no money, no drugs)

But does this mean that the battlebabe is drugged at the start of the session, too? What is the game effect? (I suppose that she should roll acting under fire to do anything... but only until she succeed in one , coming out of the stupor, or every time? In this second case, for how much time?)

And (second question) what if these is no passage of time between the two sessions? The Hocus rolls Fortune anyway? Even in the middle of another action? (the first session, for example, end with a ambush, that will be fought the following session because it's very late and people have to go to work the next day..)

Third question: what doest it mean "head" in the list of options for hand-held battlebabe custom weapons? (page 29 and 243)


(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)
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« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2011, 10:26:38 AM »

1. Correct, the hocus gets all her followers' surpluses, not just the ones she wants.

The battlebabe can be drugged into stupor or not, as her player chooses. Being a PC, even if she's a member of the cult, she's not just a member of the cult like everyone else is.

2. Yes, the hocus rolls fortunes anyway.

Do notice that the rules for custom moves make it possible for the MC to declare otherwise. I can tell you what the rules say, but I can't tell you how an MC will decide to override them.

3. Like a spearhead, a mace head or an arrowhead.

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