Books or sites describing/reviewing indie rpgs?

Started by Aberzanzorax, July 11, 2011, 12:38:05 PM

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I asked this on ENworld here:

But the folks there said that the real experts on indie rpgs might be here or at I'm asking here.

I'm a bit of a roleplaying book nerd (referring to books about rpgs here, moreso than actual rpgs).

I recently found these two books about the best of roleplaying blogs, and they're primarily focused on D&D.

I've also read this, which is outdated but provides a nice tour of games from its time (1999):

There are also other great books on RPG theory, game design, etc. etc.

What I'm looking for is a book (or failing that, a website) that collects something similar to blogs about games or full reviews/tours of indie or small publisher games.

I'd like to read about "advertisements" on which games to buy, at minimum, but also possibly thoughts behind why the given games exist, what purpose/niche they serve, what they do well (or even do best/better than other games), comparisons between them, etc.

Anyone know of a source regarding indie rpgs?


Mine got reviewed on RPG Geek.  Well, not reviewed, actually, but the possibility is there. 

I hope to get the actual product, not the Game Chef version, up there.  I don't know how active the site is.  It surprised me when I did a search for it.

Jason Pitre

I don't know of a comprehensive compilation of indie RPG's yet, but you could find additional information over at  I usually learn about the Indie RPGs via podcast or reading up on
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