[Game Chef 2011] Scoundrel's Isle

Started by mummykitty, July 15, 2011, 07:05:33 PM

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My idea seems pretty obvious, but hopefully that will make it easy and fun to write. My favorite characters from Shakespeare are usually the scoundrels and rogues who stir the pot and generally make things horrible for everyone, including themselves. 

Three second elevator pitch: Shakespeare's most infamous rogues and scoundrels are put on an island, each with a hidden agenda. It's like "Shakespeare in the Park" crossed with "Survivor." 

(Note, I have never watched Survivor...)


Survivor in a nutshell.

Make everyone trust you and then stab them in the back. But you can't be too nasty or you won't win. Talk about a double bind.

I love Survivor!

Chris Engle
Chris Engle
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Sounds like what I had in mind, however, I plan to have the agendas hidden, so it's not always about back-stabbing.  Also, I think part of it should be finding some kind of redemption for these characters (which is going to be pretty tough for some of them...)