[Game Chef 2011] The shattered Stage

Started by Wonga the Bushman, July 20, 2011, 05:04:21 PM

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Wonga the Bushman

Hi Folks!

Long time lurker, first time poster. After hearing about this years Game Chef I thougt, that maybe I should try it too.
so here goes nothing :-)

All the world's a stage

But what would happen if the stage was broken?
Basically, about 300 years ago Mother Earth finally had enough of humanity. Mankind killed animals and plants alike without a second thought and destroyed much that Mother Earth had created with so much love. So after waiting many years, hoping that humanity could finally change its ways, the godess of Nature had enough.
She started a war on humanity with the simple goal of getting rid of us. To achieve this she used her two most powerful servants: Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the Fairies.
The war went on for many years, but humanity never really stood a chance against the might of the Fairies and their magic.
Titania first and foremost became obsessed with fullfilling the Godesses wish to erase humanity from the face of earth.
The Queen of fairies nearly succeded, but Oberon, in the final stages of the war, looked closely at the humans and pitied us.
He saw, that despite all the evil humanity had done to Mother Earth, they were still her children no less and there was still much good in mankind.
So he decided to save what was left of us. He plucked the remnants of the last great cities of mankind from the face of earth and united them into a single city. Then, with his last strength, he wove a spell to protect the City from Mother Earth and Titania for all the time to come.
After his work was done, he fell into a deep slumber beneath the World he had created, protecting it even in his sleep.
And 300 years passed.
Humanity had survived, they adapted to the life in the City and prospered anew.
Titania on the other hand never succeded in breaking Oberons spell, so all she could do was watch the City with contempt.
Like her Queen, many Fairies also watched the City from afar.
Some of these Faires watched so much, their link to Mother Earth weakened over time, while their love for humanity (or at least a part of it) grew stronger.
And sometimes a Fairie would fall in love with humanity so much, that its link to Mother Eart finally shattered, exiling the Fairie from her Realm to the only place beside it: The City of humanity.

Thats it so far

The Players will play these exiled Fairies.
When they arrive in the City they bond their soul with the soul of a human to survive, beginning a strange symbiosis which will eventually lead to a new lifeform being born.

Thats the basic idea, still needs much work and polishing though :-)
I will try to post as much progress as possible.
Feel free to comment (I'm pretty new to all of this, so everything you have to tell me ist welcome :-) )

And I still hope to get Puck in there somewhere!


Sounds like an interesting idea.
What sort of Story to do you hope will be told?
How is the "human/faerie soul" going to effect gameplay/ character creation?
How do you plan turn this into a valuable narrative tool?