[Game Chef 2011] The Gentlefae of Cremona

Started by Daniele Di Rubbo, July 16, 2011, 07:40:09 AM

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Daniele Di Rubbo

Note: I'm Italian, so English is not my mother language. Please, be merciful with my subcultural English!

Premise: Desdemona – daughter of Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the Fae – has vanquished from their seat in the fairy realm. There are rumors she was seen around the Late Renaissance City of Cremona, Northern Italy (circa 57 miles south-east from Milan). The Protagonists are Fallen: exiled Fae who have forsworn their ancient Oath and thus banished on the World, bound in mortal flesh. They have the power of Nature on their behalf, but can they strive with their distrustful past? Can they make their way back to their Fae nature? And what part does the disappearing of Desdemona play into this?


No problems on the language...

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Nathan P.

Love it. I'm pumped to see games from Italian designers in general, and I like how this seems to be inspired by Shakespeare but the game isn't necessarily Shakespearean in play. If your post here is any indication you can write in English much better than I can write in any other language, at least. Don't worry about it! Good luck!
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Jonathan Walton

Shakespeare loved Italy so much, setting half his plays there, so it's only fair to turn things around and have Italians reinterpret Shakespeare!

Sounds great so far.

Daniele Di Rubbo

This is my first design ever!

Chef: Daniele Di Rubbo
Title: The Gentlefae of Cremona
Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/60809508
Elevator Pitch: The PC are exiled Fae who forswore their Oath. Can they restore their Nature or find a new Path? And what's the role of Desdemona into this?
Word Count: 3094 (not including the title page, "Optional Supplemental Material" expressly indicated, the sources of inspiration and the PC sheet)
Eligibility: Yes
Early Review: Now closed