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Started by Thor, July 18, 2011, 07:48:31 PM

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Summerville is a game about the overlap of our world with another more interesting/sinester one.

To play Summerville the first thing you have to do is decide what Summerville is. Sure it sounds like a town but it doesn't have to be. It could be a cemetery or a grocery store or a high school. then get yourself a bunch of 3X5 cards and take some time to write down the places in Summerville. They should be places where you would want to visit and places where you can have scenes.

When you have come up with a bunch of places, shuffle the cards and turn them over and draw about half of the cards without looking at them. On the backs of the cards write places in the other world.

incorporate the cards back in the deck and take turns placing the cards on the table to lay out the setting. make sure that the otherworld side is face down for now and don't look to see which ones have something written on the back.

If two cards are touching they are assumed to be contiguous and one can enter them on the next turn. If there is a card between the one you are in and the one you want to go to you must travel the cards in between. If the card you are in or the card you are going to are not connected then you are taking a road to get there. 
Yes, The Thor from Toledo


I'll be honest: I was hoping the typo in the thread title wasn't a typo, and that this was some weird, Shakespearean take on Sumeria as seen through the lens of Cortex+ Drama.
--Mike Olson

Jason Petrasko

The idea of map based play with a system for connecting two world in a fixed way is interesting to say the least. How do you picture play as it interacts with the map?