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[AW] Hocus and insight

Started by Moreno R., August 01, 2011, 02:51:34 AM

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Moreno R.

I have some doubts about the "Insight" move.

The Hocus player make his roll at the beginning of the session, and he get insight.

This is a finite resource (like a "1 insight" every successful roll) or it means that he can ask his followers for insight for the course of the session, no matter how many times?

In the first case, does this mean that he in the course of the session can ask about a course of action from one or more of his followers and get insight? Or that he already got it between session? Or both, his choice? What if he don't make the move in that session, he can use that (like it was a point of barter) in the following session, or it's lost? 

If he start a course of action given him from Insight, but doesn't obtain what he wanted before the end of the session, he lose the +1 and get the experience point, or ha can keep the +1 in the following sessions until he gets what he wanted or it's clear that he don't?


(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)


Not a finite resource. He can ask his followers for their insight as many times during the session as he likes.

He keeps the +1 for the following sessions, until he finally gets what he's trying for or conclusively doesn't. It might be many sessions later!