[AW] No doctor. What can you do?

Started by Moreno R., August 03, 2011, 06:32:20 PM

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Moreno R.


In the AW book the "healing" chapter talks about the healing moves and rolls you do when you play an Angel.  Then, it suggest three alternative solutions with NPCs doctors or with no healing.

In our game we went to the "named NPC doctor", but if I know my players, they will find ways to be really hurt when the doctor isn't there,and I look at the Doctor though crosshairs anyway. So there will be times when some PC will be wounded, and somebody that is not an Angel or a NPC Doctor will try to help him.

I didn't find anything about this case in the book (there is the "no healing" case, but I think it is reserved for the situations where nobody is even trying to help).  How would you play a situation like this one?

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)


If someone's trying to help but they don't have both the skill and the supplies to genuinely help, that counts as no healing available.

If someone's trying to help and they might have the skill to genuinely help, and they might be able to improvise supplies, and you're feeling generous, you can use the angel kit rules. Without an angel kit to spend stock from the roll will be +0.

You can call for a roll to act under fire first, if you like, where the thing they're trying to do is help and the fire is the fact that they're short on skill and/or supplies.