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Started by Paolo D., August 08, 2011, 02:25:10 PM

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Paolo D.

Hi guys,

actually I'm designing a game with lots of d6. To do some "fine tuning" at the design table, I might need a resource that enable me to easily calculate probabilities of success/failure when someone roll the dice (with variables like the number of dice, the difficulty threshold and so on).

Does any of you know of a website that enable me to easily do this? Maybe something that could give me a graph as output?




I typically rely on Troll ( - click on the web interface link and you can use it right from your browser.  The interface can be formidable if you don't have programmming experience, but the predefined rolls are excellent templates for 90% of what you'll want to do.

- Bax

Paolo D.

Hi Baxil,

great link! I'm exploring Troll right now.



If you need more advanced help with Troll, I worked with it "some", to create calculators for the Hordes/Warmachine miniature game, you can see my work here. For the record, Adam Dray helped me when I ran into issues too :)
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Eero Tuovinen

I'm pretty fond of AnyDice myself. Easy to use, gives graphs and seems to answer most of my off-the-cuff questions with sufficient accuracy.
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