Trollbabe order and S/Lay w/Me

Started by Fabien Hildwein, August 16, 2011, 07:07:52 AM

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Fabien Hildwein

Dear Ron,

I am writing here because it seems that none of my emails reach you. Did you get my last email, dating from the 16th of July, from my address starting with hildweinf@... ? (I used my professional address in case the previous, dworkin.barimen@... was flawed.)
It was regarding a S/Lay w/Me project and my Trollbabe order, placed in October 2010, and that I never received.
I can resend my email, if you would like.

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Fabien Hildwein

Ron Edwards

Send the email again, Fabien. This has been a very bad summer for my correspondence.

The news about Trollbabe is good: I now have a working file and can initiate printing, a task which has been stalled for nearly two years.

Best, Ron

Fabien Hildwein

Thanks for your reply, the email has been sent.

Best regards,