Need Help With My Indie Game

Started by Flop The Clown, November 03, 2011, 07:48:00 AM

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Flop The Clown

Hello, im new here and ill just get to the point...
Im in the process of developing a RPG, i have a website, most rules worked out, a couple of artists doing illustrations, i may need play testers and some more artists, my only problem is promoting... what would be the best way to get my name out there?
i will withold the name of my site as to not seem like a spammer...

Flop The Clown

and no im not a spambot or any other bot that im aware of...(i.e. "RE: Spam Problems as of late")

Eero Tuovinen

Please do share your website address and anything else you have prepared on your game; we can't really suggest much beyond generalities without knowing more about your project.

In general, the established wisdom holds that the most effective way of getting your game into the hands of appreciative audience involves discussing your game and gaming on forums, writing engagingly about your game and getting play reports about the game out, whether by your own hand or somebody elses. All of these methods garner you the attention of the self-selected minority who are actually interested and likely to engage a new game that hits some note of interest for them. Going to conventions to demonstrate and/or sell your game, and getting reviews in gaming media are also methods that have worked for many people.

A good first step in promoting your project is to tell us more about it right here: convince us to visit your website, download a game text (playtest version, free demo edition, whatever - give out your game for free to start with, if that's what it takes to get people interested) and ask questions about the game. You might consider the nature of your game and what you need to tell us to raise interest: this is going to be the kernel of what you'll be doing all along to sell your game. As an example, I sell my own game Zombie Cinema mostly via conventions and by natural grassroots buzz, and after selling it for several years I know exactly what to tell people to find out whether they're in the target audience: zombies, a couple hours playtime, George Romero, ordinary people - talking points that are genuine and central to what the game is about. This same principle of recognizing your talking points holds whether your game is best sold via Internet or face to face, I think.
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Flop The Clown

Actually my game is about zombies (as a small part) too, as well as aliens, giant bugs, mutants, etc...
i have made arrangments through a self publishing, print on demand company, cost me around $1,500 (for publishing), and a couple hundred for the site, to get started.
As for advertising, ive tried facebook ads (gains a steady trickle), as well as private "Internet Celebs" to spread the word. i would love to hit up conventions but for the next few months i am still in Afghanistan (how i make a living), so any personal appearances are out... all my transactions, interactions are purely online. at least for the next 16 months.
ive had a difficult time spreading the word to horror crowds as most of them only like movies and video games, and until recently i didnt even know what an "Indie RPG" was, until i discovered the term and stumbled in here.

as for the rules of my game, it is essentially a D20 system, i tried to cut out leveling up with a generic point system that could be spent on stats, skills, etc... im still working on the weight system, for items and how much STRENGTH + WEIGHT ALLOWED (Carrying)... not even in play testing stage yet...