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Author Topic: [Fragged Empire] Briefly Documenting the Growth of my Indie Sci-Fi RPG  (Read 4100 times)

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« on: January 29, 2012, 02:33:55 PM »

Hi all, I am a long time browser of The Forge.
There realy is some great stuff here.

This thread will be me briefly documenting the development of my scratch built Sci-Fi RPG called "Fragged Empire".
I hope this will give other developers a refrence example of the work required to make a scratch built RPG.
I will also post some of my artwork just to keep the thread a little more interesting, and I will try and avoid large blocks of text :)

My current goals (will change over time):
Build a scratch built Sci-Fi RPG.
Focus on facilitating player participation (less GM work required to keep players interested) and tactical combat.
Flexible character creation.
Rules specificaly made for Sci-Fi (not that adaptable)
Produce 3 PDF books: Core Rules, Setting Book, GM book (sell PDFs for a small amount).
Produce a small free sample PDF.
Produce a website.

A little about my skill set:
Graphic Designer
11 years of RPG experience (6 different mainstream systems)

The development story so far:
Initial work was started 4 years ago.
Only seriously work done over the last year (averaging around 6 hours a week)
Play tested 4 single session games so far (averaging only 1-3 players per session)
Just about to start a long term play test session (4 players)

Some Icons Sample:
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