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Author Topic: [DitV] this town.../back to GM'ing  (Read 6894 times)

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« on: February 11, 2012, 05:16:54 PM »

Cheers from Italy everyone, first post for me after years of reading... :)
Also first role-playing-game (of Dogs) in a long long time, coming up next week...

Bit of introduction: Im almost 33 yo, wrote my first and last rpg when I was 7, then bought d&d... and my (last) two friends/players are all older than me, also very experienced in rpg's and very opinionated about it: they will be playing Dogs for the first time...
We have played togheter once a few years ago, I tought it went well, but they didnt want to give the game (OctaNe) another go...
So I fell back into my slumber of refusing to play another d&d, warhammer, cyberpunk, what-have-you year long campaign (with a whole different group) in hope for an odd session of InSpectres/DitV/Sorcerer once in a blue moon, while friend A went back to his d&d full of house rules and friend B went back to his tv-shows, movies, books, videogames...
Now I got my "second chanche": to present them DitV and hopefully they will like the game enough for a second session (and a third, and a fourth, and so on...)...

It will go a little some like this:


Monk at the Temple of Life: "The time has come for your first assignment as Dogs: Brother Eli of Blackwater Gulch has sent word of his Steward, Father Benjamin, reclaiming land for the community and rationing supplies himself on a daily basis, pratically abolishing private property for the faithfuls... Go there and see what's going on at once!"

In a sunny day of july, the Dogs will arrive at Blackwater Gulch from the east, through the black swamp, seeing the nearby hills and the coal mine complex, and will be greeted by O-We-Hi, a mountain woman just about 20 years old, who will explain (her side of) the situation at hand:

O-We-Hi: "Dogs! Thanks for coming! Sister Patience burned down the granary with all the supplies and now is in jail!! Everyone is awaiting your arrival... Please make haste!"

Long story short: the fields around the hills are all lush green with growing tobacco...

Pride: Since Benjamin Allgood has been appointed Steward he thinks he knows better.

Injustice: Benjamin's nephews, Eli and Patience, grow with grampa's smoke around the house, Eli is fascinated by the clouds of smoke as Benjamin tells stories around the fireplace, Patience just hates the smell and the flavor...

Sin: Eli, coming of age, starts smoking secretely, lies to his father (James) and his mother (Samantha) about it, and sells some cigarettes to his young friends...

Demonic Attacks: James gets killed by a wolf during a hunt... Eli advises his mother Samantha to smoke to ease the pain...

False Doctrine: "Tobacco is an useful painkiller" "The King of Life condones smoking if you have pain to bear"

Corrupt Worship: Eli buys tobacco seeds from the mountain people and learns their rituals to propitiate the growth: planting seeds with some desert sand mixed with chicken feathers and blood...

False Priesthood: Eli starts telling people, individually and in private, to start smoking as soon as they mention having trouble with something...

Sorcery: Tobacco grows very well, other plants dont... Also Eli acquires a wolfhound and names him Ti-Ni-Ta ("Howling Night").

Hate & Murder: Father Benjamin appeals against the use of tobacco, which is becoming widespread in town for various reasons, and after an heated debate where is grandchildren Eli brings up his smoking habit, enacts some "Tobacco laws":
only the steward can administer tobacco, 3 cigarettes per day per person maximum, which must be smoked privately.
All the current stocks of tobacco have to be handed over at the Steward at the granary, all the growing tobacco in the fields (mostly belonging to Eli) will suffer the same fate.
From the next season only the steward himself will be allowed to plant tobacco according to the needs of the town.

Brother Eli, shocked, calls the Dogs...

In the next few days before the Dogs arrival:
Little Brother Abram and other guys are denied cigarettes, being under 25 years old..
Old Brother Adam and other elders lie about their own smoking habits, being non-smokers, to trade the cigarettes to younger junkies...
Sister Patience, "fed up with all this drug abuse", sets the tobacco stocks on fire and gets arrested.

What do the townspeople want from the Dogs?
Steward Benjamin Allgood: wants support for his new laws, also wants the Dogs to appoint a non-smoker (he has Brother Alexander Garriott in mind) as the new Steward since he has an incurable disease (read: cancer) and feels his days are numbered...

Brother Eli Allgood: wants his fields back, wants them to make his grandpa resign stewardship, wants to undo all those laws... dreams of becoming steward someday.

Sister Samantha, widow of James Allgood: wants them to forgive her daughter Patience who set fire to the stocks and her son Eli who "spreads" tobacco...

O-We-Hi: wants to be baptized in the Faith to marry Eli...

Patience Allgood: wants to be released from captivity, forgiven, and given the help and manpower to destroy all the tobacco in the fields...

Brother Alexander Garriott: wants Patience to be freed and forgiven and married to himself, wants support in his claims to the stewardship and the outlawing of all tobacco...

Ti-Ni-Ta: *growls*

What do the demons want?
The demons want tobacco use to be widespread, they also want Eli to hurt Patience for her anti-smoke campaign.

What do the demons want the Dogs to do?
The demons want the Dogs to condone tobacco use, to give freedom to the already addicted population and to eventually kill someone over trivial reasons.

What would happen if the Dogs didn't come?
Benjamin would die of his illness, Eli would be appointed new Steward, Patience would get herself killed...


That's my best effort so far, so wish me luck...

I'm really confused about what to ask, haven't been roleplaying for what seems like a life ago...
Just hope it will work out well, and possibly get some feedback... :d

Thanks for reading & sorry for my english... ;)
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