Tap-in Thread

Started by Jonathan Walton, April 04, 2012, 02:26:02 PM

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Anders Larsen

David Artman

Designer - GLASS, Icehouse Games
Editor - Perfect, Passages


Oh man, I hadn't expected it so early this year!  I would love to join in, if the taxes I haven't yet started don't get in the way ...

Been too busy running a web forum RPG lately to really design, so it would be good getting back in the saddle.


Giving it a try for the first time.



I'm in. First year participating!

Lucas 'Tor' Garczewski


Also a first for me.

(Ha, I suspected the theme will be something armageddon-ish)
Lucas 'Tor' Garczewski
Game Chef entry: Lies of Passage


I plan to actually finish this year! BA thesis is due a few days after the end of Game Chef, but I can do both at once, right?


Eoin Keith Boyle

In, provisionally. Will likely drop midway as work schedules and Real life conspire against me... as usual.


I do hereby declare my intention to submit a thing, even if that thing ends up being a steaming pile of shit. :-D



I'm planning on it. This'll be my first attempt. Hopefully it all goes well.