RPG Crowdfunding - What a year and 150 projects brings to light

Started by harpy, April 21, 2012, 05:14:36 AM

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A friend suggested I come over to the Forge and post about some work I've been doing for the last month...

In my own quest to do a Kickstarter I decided that to do it right I needed data so I could make some evidence based decisions on how to go about it.

Over a month of work and I've got two reports I've done after collecting data from 150 RPG related crowdfunding projects from April 2011 to April 2012.

Part One deals with the broader numbers of the survey as a whole.
Part Two looks more closely at what occurred at various funding levels with backers. Along with that I look at key rewards that are offered for the RPG market.

I have a part three in the works, and I'll once I get my spreadsheets cleaned up I'll post the raw data files and then the real statisticians can tear this stuff apart.

I hope it helps people to figure out their own projects and how to get them off the drawing board and into people's hands through crowdsourcing.



Part Three of the Crowdfunding Report is now up!

This time around I look at general observations I noted as I went through the survey, focusing on broad issues that were not methodically tracked, but struck me as important in the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Larry L.

Thanks for putting this together, and welcome to the Forge.

David Artman

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The final piece in the RPG Crowdfunding Report is now in place with the release of the raw data used to generate the report.  It took awhile to collect it together from different files, clean it up and then wrestle with the Creative Commons license, but it's done.  People have been asking for this information, and I found it a bit serendipitous when I watched just the other day Tim Berners-Lee on TED exclaim, "Demand raw data now."  Well, here it is, fly and be free!


Frank Tarcikowski

Hey Neil, you've done us all a great service! A very good analysis and some interesting take-aways. Thanks for sharing!

- Frank
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Lex Mandrake

This is fantastic! I had been on the fence about starting a kickstarter for my planned indie publication but now that I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't, I definitely will!