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Started by daranp, May 17, 2012, 10:37:55 AM

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After trying Elfwood, deviantart and other such sites, I ended up purchasing stock photography for use in the ParaSpace Core Rules. Scenes from the Mall (my first supplement) is now reaching completion and I'll hopefully soon have it ready for design/layout. In this, I have again explored the possibility of stock-art but, as there is not really anything that will suit my needs, I will need to commission some bespoke pieces (probably a full colour cover, a margin illustration and some internal sketches).

I'll obviously be posting here in "Connections" and heading back to the afore mentioned art sites, I'll also be trying to spread the word via Facebook/Twitter but having little to no money, the question is where do people find their artists and how much do they pay?

Any help much appreciated.

pixel punk

I happen to be an artist. If you want to shoot me an email we could talk.


Thanks Pixel Punk - I PM'd you.