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Started by Ron Edwards, May 08, 2012, 03:48:18 PM

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Clinton R. Nixon

Goodbye to the Forge, and good tidings for the future. Forums come and go, but ideas and friendships are resilient and live on. I haven't been active on the Forge for a long while, but it's still influential on who I am today and my plans for the future.

Thanks to Ron and Vincent for doing such an awesome job all these years.

-- Clinton
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Neil the Wimp

This site, and the community around it, did so much to change my thinking about RPGs. Thank you everyone who contributed to this community.
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Gordon C. Landis

Turns out, I'm in the "there are no words" camp right now.

Thanks, all, for so much.

Alex F

The Forge got me back to rpgs after a decade out, thinking there was nothing back there for me, or at least no way back. It enriched the way I look at systems, besides. Thanks to all for making it what it was.


Matt Machell

Good stories, so they say, have a beginning, a muddle and an end. It seems good communities do to.

Thanks everybody.


Christopher Weeks

Like everyone else: Thanks!

It's been a few years since I came here regularly, but I'd quit RPGs until I found you at GenCon something like ten years ago.  I know that keeping random folks in the hobby wasn't a goal, but you've made my life richer and I appreciate it.


Goodbye, Gaming Outpost.

Wait, wrong thread.

Bye, forge.


Matt, you make a good point about beginnings, middles and ends. Until Ron posted his initial comments about how the Forge would someday eventually shut down, I thought of this place as an institution, rather than a project or something with a life-cycle. After that post, I became acutely aware of how much effort was involved in making The Forge a good place for discussions on the internet

Thank you to Ron, Ed, Vincent and Clinton for helping to create a place to inspire and assist people to make games I want to play.

And thank you to the Ronnies, which taught me that it can be easy to write a first draft of a game (and for inspiring me to write Left Coast, way back in 2005, which I'm hoping to release a new draft of in a couple of days).

Good friends, good conversations, good games, and good play. Hanging out here for the last 10 years has changed my life for the better.

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