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Collecting Towns

Started by Levi Kornelsen, December 10, 2005, 07:09:11 AM

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Levi Kornelsen

Having read many of the threads on this board, I'm going to be wandering through this board, collecting the towns (or, at least, collecting the links to them).  Many, if not most, of the towns posted here are really interesting to read, and if I ever make it to having a DitV LARP, I'm going to need a lot of towns eventually.

The links list, I'll post in this thread.

I'd also be eminently willing to collect them into a pretty PDF - it wouldn't really be much added effort - but they're still copyright of their respective writers, I believe.  So, I'll leave that up to Vincent and/or the writers, if he / they wants to figure that one out.

Are there any places other than here and the DitV main site that have towns written up for reference or use?

Chris Peterson


Eric Provost

I keep my towns on my Geocities site now.  Feel free to use them however you'd like.


Levi Kornelsen

From Pages 10-26 (the current end) of this forum.  I'll go through pages 1-9 later on.  Note that not all of these towns are fully finished, as their discussions tend to indicate, and several (especially toward the end) are duplicated elsewhere.

San Miguel Branch

The Basil Branch

Snakeweed Crossing

Kettle Lake

Spring's Fork Branch

Long Bounty

King's Perch

Willow's Run

Buffalo Run

Monument Creek Branch

Waterfall Branch

Dust Creek

A Small Town for First-time Players

West Cotton Fields Branch

White Stone Branch

Dry Canyon Crossing

Fall Valley Branch

Tribulation Branch

Town of Wellcome

Ephraim's Circle

Lake Point

Liberty Branch

Wahanish Branch

Oakview Branch

Stillwater Branch

Kings Rock

Blue Skies


Pinyon Creek Branch

Fort Lemon Branch

Hotwater Branch

Spring River

Little Valley

New Gidea

Job Gully

Pine Hill

Widder's Canyon, Iron Mountain, Gateway Branch, and Chimney Rock Branch

The Boxelder and Whitechurch Branches


Levi Kornelsen

Clover Fields Branch

(I'd love to see it become tradition here to put up a link in this thread upon posting  a new town ).


Sulfur Junction

Also, James Holloway's two towns for his on-line game at have utterly broken me - he could give a master course in GMing Dogs and we're not even at a tabletop - I don't know if he has the towns proper posted anywhere, but if so someone should link to them.



Boy it would rock if there were some database in which we could sort the towns folks had posted by the level of sin it'd reached (Sin, False Doctrine, Sorcerer, etc), and even if we could rate them!

James Holloway

snip unjustified praise of Pike's Crossing and White Srpings Branch

Quote from: Calithena on January 30, 2006, 05:03:28 AM
don't know if he has the towns proper posted anywhere, but if so someone should link to them.

Hmmmmm. I'm pretty swamped with work right now, but on the other hand writing up one of these towns shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. If I have time tonight to look over my notes, I'll see what I can do.

James Holloway

OK then -- the towns for my PbP Dogs in the Vineyard game, Gates to the Garden, are now up:

For extra fun, check out the summaries of sessions and see how the players handled them.