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Title: Stregoneria is Go!
Post by: Stregheria on June 04, 2011, 03:56:10 PM
Beta release version 1.0 is available for purchase and download from the Stregoneria website:-

Please note the following points before considering purchasing:-

1) The website does not allow for automated downloading so anyone who buys the game will be emailed a password manually so that they can access the download page.

2) This is beta release version 1.0 and is being sold at a reduced price as a result. All purchasers will receive all revisions of the document for free and they are encouraged to get in contact if they spot any typos, rules inconsistencies, anything they don't like etc. This is the whole point of the beta release, to revise the game according to customer feedback in the run-up to a finalised release.

3) This is an independant rpg that has taken a single author about 2 1/2 years to complete as a hobby. Please bear that in mind when evaluating the work.

4) The game has been designed to be modular: i.e, it can be played rules-lite, or all the advanced options can be used for a very detailed gaming experience.

5) Anyone that is interested in writing anything for the game, also please get in touch.

Enjoy the little video that's been posted and please consider buying the game. It is on sale for 5 euros, which is surely worth forking out for, if not just for a good read.

Thank you.

PS I am happy to discuss the game here at The Forge.

Title: Re: Stregoneria is Go!
Post by: Stregheria on June 05, 2011, 10:35:23 AM
A pdf containing the front cover, the back cover,the three contents pages, the map and the first page of every single chapter is available to download for free from the site. Check out the video if you haven't already done so too.

This game is available for purchase now at an introductory price of 5 euros. Bargain! :)

Somebody must have a question they'd like to ask about the game? ;)