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Title: [FUBAR] Expanding on a free game with low cost supplements
Post by: Vulpinoid on July 10, 2011, 07:08:52 PM
For over 12 months now, I've had my game FUBAR ( available to the public.

In this time I've had almost 2000 downloads of the game (split between the basic version and the updated "Director's Cut"), and I've had a steady rate of sales on the supplements I've released for it.

But now I'm trying to decide whether it's time to move to the next level, and how best to do so.

I've wanted to start a Kickstarter project to get a print version of the game available, but Kickstarter is still only for projects based out of the US (while I'm in Australia), and many of the similar sites that crowd-source funds for project start-up simply don't seem to have the exposure of Kickstarter.

A second option I've considered is to simply stockpile the funds generated by the supplements to fund a print version (but this would probably still be at least 12 months away).

A third option is to custom sculpt some USB drives, preloading them with the game PDF and all supplement PDFs (given what I have access to, this isn't hard and it might end up being the path I take).

At this stage, I'm basically just brainstorming.

Are there any other ideas that people might have for cool ways to advance a game?