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Title: Dwarf Dressed as a Clown Kills 8 in Croatia!
Post by: thiagoess on December 30, 2011, 06:24:08 PM
Hi people, this weird subject name is in fact the name of a game i'm developing, its a game inspired in "the extraordinary adventures of baron munchausen" and it's about telling stories of weird news headlines.
I just translated it to english (im brazilian) and it is here: (
Its a small file, i would love to get some opinion.
I was not able to have a playtest with that set of rules yet (lacking players right now) and i'm worried about the game dynamic, mostly about the time (7 minutes) and a little worried about the end of the game, about giving or not scores.
This is not exactly and RPG, i think of it as a party game, is there a problem to post it here?

Any opinions or ideas?