[In A Wicked Age] IRC Play

Started by Thomas Lawrence, January 13, 2008, 03:44:50 AM

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Thomas Lawrence


(At the above link, find the in-character logs, plus a list of character ideas an the oracles used, for the first session of the game.)

So, I play a lot of my roleplaying games over IRC, and I was also excited to play Vincent Baker's new game, which I got the pre-order PDF thing for today. Happily I was able to play almost right away!

The game works pretty well over IRC - indeed, several things seem almost tailor-made for the IRC medium - from both the way the system adapts easily to be player being missing, dropping out, dropping in and so on, to the way the game exhorts you to run parallel scenes (something easily and smoothly achieved using multiple IRC channels).

It was pretty slow going, because I had to explain the rules as I went. I didn't want, obviously to distribute the PDF, but I ended up copying up the summary of the conflict rules directly. Things flowed a lot smoother toward the end of the session.

I don't have a lot to add, really: you can read the log to see what happened (in character, anyway - the out of character chat would be very confusing to read back, although i could provide it for interested masochists). It was a fun game that I reckon has good long term, pick up and play potential, and has the great virtue, on IRC, of adapting easily to however many players have actually showed up.

(although it would be slightly sticky if you wanted to start a chapter and the guy on top of the We Owe list wasn't there. I imagine what I'd do is just skip that name and move to the next one, although the name would remain on the list for whenever they DID show up).