[Universalis] A first session

Started by aya_aschmahr, January 29, 2008, 01:38:22 PM

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Ultimately Bernd, I have complete faith that you'll handle it just fine if it comes up.  You're already rock solid on the central themes of the game, everything else is gravy at this point.

If you see it happen and don't come up with a solution you're happy with, please let me know...chances are we can come up with a Gimmick that will fit the bill.



Well. I must admit I had not thought of that. Adjusting the refresh rate is certainly a good idea. Especially when I see us stuck at high levels of Coins.

Whoo. and already a good tip again, thanks guys :D

Probably I worry too much anyway - I am just starting to experience this kind of game - generally different ways to approach roleplaying.... Maybe I should post my experience and what brought me to search for "different shores" ... but not here, rather where it belongs...