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In a wicked age, kinda

Started by Tommi Brander, May 08, 2008, 05:10:47 AM

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Tommi Brander


The story: I read a few reviews and such of IAWA, built a game that, to my best knowledge, resembles it, played the hack and enjoyed it a lot. (Actual play report should appear on the blog when I get around to writing it.)

Question the first, to Mr. Baker: I hope is it okay for my hack to be readily available on the net. If it is too similar to IAWA or there is another reason for you not wanting the thing to be freely visible on the net, I'll go about removing or editing it at request.

Question the second: Are there any plans for IAWA appearing in the stock of Arkenstone/Arkkikivi?

Eero Tuovinen

I very much have plans for restocking with Vincent for Arkenstone. Last time we were building an order he was too busy / had too little stock at hand to send any, but I have great hopes for next time. (Actually, it might also be that IAWA was not available yet at that point.) Not the least because next time apparently is in August, at Gencon, where I hope to be able to shake Vincent up to make him drop all the goodies.

As always, I recommend getting the game directly from the US for anybody keen to stay abreast of the most recent publications.
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