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MLWM - still available?

Started by Filip Luszczyk, November 13, 2008, 02:23:51 AM

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Filip Luszczyk

So, I made this big (and likely final) order at IPR yesterday, and I couldn't find MLWM there. I don't see it in that new indie non-store where IPR stuff started migrating, too.

Apparently it's still possible to order it directly from Half Meme Press page, but I wanted to confirm its availability (i.e. before I start asking for shipping rates to Poland and stuff).

So, is it still in stock?

If so, do you expect to still have some copies available when Acts of Evil comes out? I could use my own MLWM book, but it's not all that pressing and I'm likely to order AoE eventually anyway, so I figure out I'll be better off with a single order.

Ron Edwards


The game has never been carried by IPR or any other fulfillment house. Paul has always done it himself. The Half Meme Press site is the only place to get it.

I don't absolutely know whether he has some in stock, but aside from one or two small delays early in his time publishing it, I think he's always kept it in print. There's no reason to think otherwise.

Best, Ron

Filip Luszczyk

Huh? I'd swear I've seen it at IPR once. Oh, well, memory...

Ron Edwards

Unless I'm totally wrong. You may have a flawed memory, but sometimes, I think I have no memory.

Anyway, Paul will set us on the right path soon enough. (wait, that didn't sound right)

Paul Czege


Yep, it's in stock. Get in touch for a shipping/handling quote to Poland.



(You've never seen it on IPR's online storefront.)
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Filip Luszczyk

Ah, ok. I'll wait for Acts of Evil then, there's no rush.