[IAWA] The beginning of the end

Started by 5niper9, January 10, 2009, 05:23:34 AM

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Yesterday we played the first chapter of In a wicked Age.
There were just the three of us:
Jan, whom I've played a lot of indie games with in 2008
Svenja, whom I just met yesterday, she hasn't played any roleplaying games before.
and yours truly.

The oracle was chosen very fast: God-kings of War

The Entries were:
The arrival of unexpected and inprobable allies, in darkness.
A speaker of the ancestors carrying secrets and warnings.
A broutish and tyrannical warlord and his uncouth thugs.
An altar to the devils of the waste stinking with gore.

Characters and best interests:
Rafi - Warlord of Nagi - played by Svenja
  1. Conquer Zyran (it's a nearby state).
  2. Hold peace within Nagi.

Seymor - archpriest of Urshak  - played by Jan
  1. Gain control over the throne of Nagi (by myself or through proxy).
  2. Extinct the legion of light.

Urshak - the first devil of waste
  1. Make Rafi my archpriest.
  2. Destroy the world.

Loki leader of the thugs
  1. loot the temple of waste.
  2. Position yourself on the throne.

Legion of the light - ally of Zyran
  1. Free Nagi from his tyrannical Warlord
  2. Wipe the devilcult from the earth

Lagnor Mür - speaker of the ancestors
  1. Get support for the legion within the people of Nagi
  2. Crush Seymors faith (and save the world through that).

So what happened? I'll try to keep it short.

The main plot was about the position of the archpriest. Urshak talks to Rafi about it and finds an equal in will but they can find some deal.
The situtation in town boils up through the actions of the legion and Lagnor Mür. Seymor gathers some of the devils of the waste and brings an end to the riot and to Lagnor Mür's life, who mutters with his last breath that Seymor will be betrayed by his god.
While meeting Rafi later he is attacked by the warlord, but can fight him off. Urshak reveals his plan to destroy this world (to reign in another) to Seymor. By that time Loki and the thugs rush in to make their move for the throne. With this they can kill Seymor (who "dies in this world") but Rafi gaters enough power to fight them of.

At the end of the chapter Rafi is the archpriest of Urshak and with his power can get Zyran to surrender.

The first entry on the list was Rafi so we crossed him of and made the setup for next session:
Oracle : A nest of vipers

One mistakenly condemned, fleeing into hiding.


It was nice. We told a little story, but we established a lot of potential for coming sessions. For example the destruction of the world, Seymors Life before or after this (he died in this world - but maybe reached to another?) This feels quite similar to my first session of IAWA but without problems with the dice.

Dice-wise is not too much to say. It worked smooth and didn't hinder us. I'm just a bit disappointed, that "with love" was not used a single time. When there was no negotiation we alwayls used "injured". I think this'll change with time.

Playing Urshak, the devil of waste, was a hell full of fun. Imagine a scheming pile of dirt, nearly human shape, coming near to whisper in your ear. Fun times.

I'm really happy with IAWA because it make a lot of things so easy. There was no prep beforehand and we pierced together a story. Even player without prior experience had no problems grokking the situation and grab it by the throat.

Any questions?


So it worked okay with GM plus 2 players? I've never played it that small myself, but I've heard that it doesn't always work well. Anything to tell us about that?



since I've played it solely with two players (in two different groups) all I can compare it with are my expectations.

The sessions were sometimes quite short. The one I've written about lasted 2 and a half hours and that was with explaining the rules. Other chapters ranged from 2 to 4 hours.

When we had plenty of time left and were still engaged we chose to do another chapter right after the first one. It worked fine.