Trying for a Dr. Who // Time Cop setting

Started by HeirToPendragon, March 10, 2009, 04:02:20 AM

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site but figured this would be where I need to be to look for suggestions.

My small sunday group occasionally plays Dogs in the Vineyard using a Firefly/Cowboy Bebop setting. My Friday game has some downtime coming up due to absent players so I figured we'd splash this game in. I'm looking at making up a Dr. Who // Time Cop setting where the players will jump to different time periods and planets based on possible disturbances in time or simply because they pressed the Random button.

I changed the Ceremony dice to the following:
- Masters of Time and Space -
Fixed in Time (d4s) (when they are at a point in time that is considered static and has to happen such as Pompeii or 9/11)
Damn Chronos (d4s) (The Chronos are time bandits who try and change past events to suit their goals)
Bad Luck This Time (d4s) (For when the adventure hasn't worked out so well)
Time Is On My Side (d6s) (For when it has)
Flux in Time (d6s) (the opposite of Fixed In Time)
Dressed Appropriately (d6s) (No anachronisms are happening)
History's Photo Bomber (d8s) (The traveler has been here before and made a mark)
For The Crew (d8s) (Teamwork, self-sacrificing, etc.)

I'm looking for any ideas or input before I play this out with my group. I know I've had a lot of fun with it and I'm hoping to pass it on.


Let us know how it goes!

Those ceremony things look fine to me, but I've never been any good at giving people advice about adaptations. Anybody?