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[DitV] Questions

Started by Jumanji83, March 16, 2009, 05:28:35 AM

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I have two questions about things that have come up during character creation:

1) One of the players wanted to create a character that came from Back East, where he used to be a hedonistic dude, but he travelled to the Faith, where he converted and became a Dog. He overcompensates by taking a hardline against any sin. He insisted that all his family stayed Back East, and has not taken a single relationship either. He's going against the spirit of the game, isn't he? Should I wait and see if this gets fixed during the game, or ask him to alter his character?

2) What happens if a character has two guns, or two knives? Does he get dice for each ones? My assumption is that if the item is redundant and has the same number and size of dice, it counts only once.

Like if I have two guns, each worth 1d6+1d4, I could use one and then the other, or both at the same time, and I'd only roll 1d6+1d4. If, on the other hand, I had a big gun 1d8+1d4 and a small gun 1d6+1d4, I'd get to roll all those dice. Does that make sense?


Hi Jumanji83,
what's your real name btw?

I think your seeing problems where there are none.
He hasn't made an unproper character. In fact it's full of conflict. He is a former sinner and now takes a strong hand against sinners. There's much room to ask him (through play): why does he do that? who else may sin first and then be elected as a dog? Something like that.
And his family stayed back east? Who said that? Perhaps some of his relatives did convert or went west to seek their fortune (perhaps in the Territorial Authority). He doesn't have to give them dice. They are related to him by the blood.

I handled the second point very loosely. If the player think it's important to have two guns. Well, there you have it. Every weapon on their sheet is a promise to hurt someone. It's okay to have more of them and even the big ones.
I had one player that described a big loud rifle she got from her pa and two normal gun hanging on her girdle. I tossed them a town where the sinners were young people and wow was she hesitant to pull the trigger. She could have won many conflicts with that dice but in the end didn't won that many because she didn't want to shoot the kids.



René's right!

About relationships: when you assign relationship dice in play, you aren't definitely saying "my character has a pre-existing relationship with this other character." You might be saying "my character comes, at this moment, to have a relationship with this other character." You can assign relationship dice to a complete stranger, if you want to, and there's no justification required.



Cool! Thanks to you both.

My real name is Jason, by the way.

David Artman

RE Relationships: They needn't be to family. They needn't be to humans! This guy sounds a little... prideful, to me. Like, maybe, there's a demon whispering in his ear, making him forget that even sinners are human and can (and should!) be saved? He gonna gun down every jaywalker and two-bit huster? PUSH on that.

RE Things: They're no different than Traits, in the end. If the player wants them, it's important. If they want to ping both, let them--but (as Rene said) put a cute, doe-eyed kid in front of them. Or another Dog. (Or his family, but he's trying to block that for some reason.)
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