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Wiki, Email, or Wave Game?

Started by wolfgray, November 05, 2009, 08:28:08 PM

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Anyone doing a online universalis game in Wiki, Email, or google wave?


Wiki works great. Except that I'm always appointed as a Recorder %)

David Artman

If Google ever gives the folks I nominated an invite, I'm going to try to run Universalis on Wave. Or something on Wave. Universalis seems to be almost idea for running with Wave (frex, Challenges can be nested under the main thread, and easier ignored if one is reading the whole thing through).

Any ideas, though, on how to handle Interrupting? Unless everyone in online at the same time, it would seem that folks would have to make single assertions, wait for a spell to see if Interrupted, then make another one, etc. Although i guess one could "roll back" to a point of Interrupt and delete everything asserted after the point of Interrupt.

Anyone got any advice, from having done it via Chat?
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I'm struggling with the same issue. I was thinking some sort of statute of limitations on interruptions. Would like to work through some of the issues. I'm dan . clery @ googlewave . com if anyone wants to work things out.

David Artman

FWIW, we've started a game of Fiasco by Wave, and we're through setup thanks to everyone being online for about an hour or so on Saturday.

We're mostly clear on how to retcon something that doesn't jibe with someone else, but we're got an idea about dialog that might work for others: Try to present your 'side' of dialog as an intent and summary, to which others can reply with summaries. Then, you can write the dialog a lot faster, knowing generally where the other will want to insert a comment or rebuttal or whatever.

Still haven't gotten my head around Uni by Wave. I think it might be undoable, unless everyone's online. Or you'd have to run it with some kind of general rule of "don't type anything interruptable outside the hours of Xam to Ypm, and any interruptable statement must wait an hour to be interrupted." That's a VERY active game schedule, to be sure, but otherwise you could spend a day per Fact, trying to frame a scene and get rolling with story!
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It's really a tragedy that Google is shutting down EtherPad, as an EtherPad session with all participants connected would be even better than Google Wave for running a game.


...and Google changed its mind and EtherPad shall live!

I'd suggest checking it out:

You've got a shared text editing field where people can write information to their heart's content, and you've got a chat area on the right for table talk.

Though thinking about it, it's entirely possible Wave, with its built-in outlining structure and discrete wavelets, might actually be better-suited to Universalis. Which would make Universalis one of the few things where Wave could work better.