Is it just me, or is the server timing out all the time?

Started by Ayyavazi, May 28, 2010, 11:58:28 AM

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I've been trying to post regularly over the past week or so on the forge, and my internet connection is superb. I can access just about any website I need to quickly and painlessly, except for this one. Half the time that I try it times out and gives me one of a couple server errors, either saying the website couldn't be reached, or there's a capacity problem. This occurs even at 3 in the morning. Is this a constant problem, or should i finagle my internet settings?



It's something wrong with the server, it's not just you.


Eero Tuovinen

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Well, I changed a thing and another thing, and now it's working, but I'm not confident that I fixed it. We'll have to see.