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Started by juliusz, July 09, 2010, 02:06:45 PM

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Hello everyone,

Do you know what's going on with Ashcan Front forum (and "Acts of Evil" subforum there)? Any chances for it to return online in foreseeable future?

Paul Czege

Hi Juliusz, and the forums at are working again.

So you can again reference the conversations. I'm not taking new users though. My plan, when I have time, is to convert the site to an archive of static pages.

So if you have Acts of Evil questions, the right place is right here in this forum.

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Thanks Paul, that's helpful. Hope to run AoE next week and post a write-up somewhere here. One detail - considering status of the game, would it be better to post AP in Actual Play or in Playtesting, or simply in Half Meme Press?