Half Meme Press and Cream Alien Games at SMACC this coming weekend

Started by Paul Czege, July 23, 2010, 08:54:07 PM

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Paul Czege

If you're within driving distance of southeast Michigan this weekend, Half Meme Press and Cream Alien Games will be running a table at the first ever Southern Michigan Arts and Creativity Conference.

If Kagematsu is gone too mainstream for you these days, stop by and pick up a copy of Bitch (verb), with a home-made button. There's a cool music and film track too. You can watch films all night if you want.

"[My Life with Master] is anything but a safe game to have designed. It has balls, and then some. It is as bold, as fresh, and as incisive  now as it was when it came out." -- Gregor Hutton