[MLwM] Noob, first game tomorrow

Started by martind, July 27, 2010, 05:34:00 PM

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Hi guys,
I'm going to master my first game at My Life With Master tomorrow and I have a couple of doubts about the endgame (among other things, I'm a noob at storytelling games).

Getting to the point:
1) Who does narrate the Master death? The GM or the player who killed him?
2) The endgame is made of scenes called alternatively by the GM or by players, am I right? What if, in a scene called by the GM, a player is summoned in the scene of the player who actually started the endgame and the master order him to kill that player, and he succeed? (sorry for my English, it's not mother tongue) Does that "end" the endgame? Am I missing something? Is that even remotely possible?



...I almost forgot the most important question.

3) In a much broader sense, what are the possible relationships between the Master and the players during the endgame? Can they still receive orders? Or they just flow with the events that occur around them without interference of the Master (the usual chasing mob for instance)?

Could you give some pointers on the endgame? I read some posts about it on the forum but I'm still quite confused...

Christoph Boeckle

Hello Martin and welcome to the Forge

I couldn't find official answers to your questions, although I play it so that the GM stops narrating as soon as the Master is dead. For the second question, you are right in that the player gets to call a scene every other turn. It never occurred to me that the Master may order another PC to attack the revolted one (or give any order whatsoever for that matter), but I checked and I didn't find anything which precludes him from doing so. Here is what Paul explained some time ago about  joining in on the final conflict. There can be no outright killing of a PC, only Violence conflicts which have an effect on Self-Loathing or Weariness. This can of course lead to a long-lasting endgame, which to my knowledge has been discussed last in this thread (with references to other threads).

I realize I've arrived too late for your game, I hope you went on and played anyway! If yes, how did it work out? Did you encounter any of those problems you imagined? If yes, how did you manage them?