[The End of All Things] David's Game Thread

Started by DavidEBest, September 13, 2010, 09:20:30 PM

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Hey everyone,

My name is Dave, and this is my first attempt at a Game Chef game. Bear with me, please.

I've been tossing around game concepts since the contest started, but I wanted to decide on a direction before I created a thread.

The concept I've settled on is The End of All Things, an epic, Elric of Melnibone via Hawkwind or Blue Oyster Cult last battle to stave off the forces of Death at the end of the Universe.

The players take on the roles of great heroes, real or imagined, who were summoned to the end of the universe to save the Last City from the encroaching desert of nothingness. The great heroes must join forces and journey into the Desert to find a way to save the Last City, and optionally, the rest the universes.

Mechanics wise, I've started with a few things that sound interesting to me:

  • GM-less, or at least GM-lite
  • Characters are defined almost completed by a list of their exploits. From the exploits, you can derive antagonists, feats they are capable of performing, and flaws they have
  • A hubris attribute that increases as they tempt fate. If it gets pushed too high, epic death scene ensues.
  • A wagering/betting mechanism for task resolution, possibly with the loser playing the role of the GM for the scene. This also emphasizes the cooperative and competitive nature of the game
  • The third ingredient I plan on using is Edge, probably tied to the task resolution mechanism

Definitely overly ambitious, but might as well see what comes of it.

Here are my notes (mostly a mess at this point):