One Way Ticket

Started by Jay Loomis, September 11, 2010, 03:54:26 AM

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Jay Loomis

You've got a one way ticket to the city. Will you find what you're looking for there, or will the journey be what changes your life?


Sounds good... So I imagine you'll be traveling through the desert.

Jonathan Walton

Sounds solid, Jay.  Like what happens after the end of a game of Nicotine Girls.

Jason Pitre

Looking for some Skin?   Are you living on the Edge?  Looking to flee the Desert for various reasons? 

(Ok, that inspires a lovely Vegas game concept for me at least.)
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Jay Loomis

You're a Null. Less than human as far as they care. At least the slaves belong somewhere--you can only wish someone cared enough to want to own you. But something happened. You got yourself a ticket to the City. The City is all dreams and possibilities. It's the promise of a better life for all.
The hitch? You sure as hell didn't earn money to buy to buy a ticket. Maybe you did something you aren't proud of. Maybe you made a mistake in order to get gone. Once you're in the city, nothing can catch up to you—it's beyond the reach of even the Triumverate, deep in the heart of Desert Space. But it's a long cruise to get there, and you haven't outrun your past yet.

Jay Loomis

Here's a little something:

If you're wondering about Desert Space and what it's like, first think about what it's called. It isn't literally desert—in fact it's teeming with life. But the people who matter—the Triumvirate Executives and Procedurals—consider it beneath their notice. It is devoid of society in the way that those living in Triumvirate space understand it. It's system after system of hard planets populated by harder people. Outlaws, sure, but also honest folks who like to live free and away from other people's prying eyes. It's individualism and the frontier spirit. It's stubbornness and pride.
So that's what's there. But the feel of it is something else. It's dirty. It's vital and raw. Not hostile, per se, but not open and friendly. Not by a long shot. It's the promise of the bright future with its gleaming starships and its sterile prefabricated buildings but used and broken and graffitied up real good. Nothing's clean. Few things work like they ought. It's hard in every way with grime under the nails.