Wanting to buy Universalis; waiting list?

Started by thousandlegs, March 16, 2011, 04:57:04 AM

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I first wrote down "buy Universalis" several years ago, and then life intervened. Now a friend and I really both want to buy the book, but it's out of stock at IPR. The spreadsheet indicates that as of Oct 13, 2010, there were 23 copies left in stock at IPR, so maybe that's good news? A sudden burst of buying? But it leaves me in a pickle.

O Mazza the Great and Mighty, is there a chance that IPR will get more stock? I can promise at least two sales if so. Or if not, and you're thinking of another run (either print or electronic), I would gladly put my name on a waiting list and purchase immediately when new copies are available.

Thanking you copiously in advance,



Lucky you! You don't have to wait for Ralph or for a reprint - Noble Knight has both Universalis and Universalis revised in stock. And if you're from Europe, revised edition via Leisure Games seems to be the best option. I mean, of course, if you're not a die-hard IPR customer.


Thank you thank you! I have placed an order and will be smiling all day long.

The only reason I know about IPR is because of the link on the universalisrpg.com site. My Interwiggle searches all seemed to turn up only sketchy companies with one copy to sell at $75. Noble Knight to the rescue!

Eero Tuovinen

I just checked, and apparently we have a couple of copies of Universalis still in the Arkenstone store as well. Just for reference in case anybody else in Europe is desperate for a copy.
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I would just like to note that Ralph and I have been working on getting a PDF edition of the revised edition ready for distribution. Hopefully it will be available soon.