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Started by dindenver, September 06, 2011, 07:11:30 PM

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So, I played Do: Pilgrams of the Flying temple for the first time on Thursday and later again on Saturday.
The first time, the Journal seemed to enhance play.
The second time, the Journal seemed to be more of a distraction.
One thing I noticed was that on the first go, we didn't touch the journal until we role played out what we were planning on writing. The next time I played, we did the journal part willy-nilly. Including before and after the role play.
I checked the rules and there are no clear guidelines on this. I am trying to figure out if one group gelled better than the other or the Journal is a distraction or..?
Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Dave M
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Ron Edwards

Hi Dave,

I haven't played or read the game, so if you'll forgive tutoring me a little ... as far as you can tell, how did the journaling enhance play, the first time?

My own experiences and observations of the technique lead me to think that it works best as an intersession, reflective activity, or as an alternate form of play interspersed with ordinary play.

I think that role-playing as an activity is a creative undertaking, and it's not as much fun to create first and then role-play (or rather, not role-play) merely to confirm what was done.

Best, Ron


Hey Ron,
  Yeah, that has been my experience too.
  Do doubles as a writing exercise tool as well. Essentially, the mechanic on your turn determines who can write in the journal. I am not sure if it is supposed to be a scene framing tool or an adventure journal.
  It has been out for a little while, so I was hoping that other people with experience can let me know how to fix it.
  I figure it is either:
1) Weird group dynamics
2) the journal is better for scene framing
3) the journal is better for scene summary
4) the journal is a distraction
   Have nly played twice so it could be either...
Dave M
Author of Legends of Lanasia RPG (Still in beta)
My blog
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