Drunken Wizards (Drink Mechanics)

Started by Regis Frey, March 07, 2011, 01:24:06 AM

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Regis Frey

Drunken Wizards is a storytelling card game where everyone plays inebriated spellcasters and describes the ensuing chaos. The key mechanic is an Apples to Apples like response situation where a wizard casts a spell and the other wizards respond in a bid to describe what happens. (Rules | Join the playtest on Kickstarter)

The issue I'd like to raise here is in regards to a new drink mechanic. Currently (as shown in the linked rules) players drink when their response card is not choosen. This has the advantage of being simple. There are, however, two issues with this:

  • It requires a higher drink tolerance in larger game groups, otherwise players may pass out before their turn even comes
  • It doesn't feel like a drinking game. (Pointing at the storyteller after a weak story and saying 'drink' does though.)

I've been playing with an alternate drink mechanic in my head but this is the first time I've put it down, so bear with me.

In a real drinking game there tend to be a certain set of situations in which a player must drink. In Kings you must know the proper response to a card (4 Floor, 5 Guys, 9 Rhymes). In TV Showdrinking games you must look out for a set of behaviors or lines of dialogue, you drink everytime somebody says "Hi Bob" or every time a character on Avatar:The Last Airbender uses a bending power. This means that players in a drinking game are actively watching (and often commanding) other players to make them drink when they are supposed to.

In that spirit I have an idea for drinking conditions that players acquire. These conditions would specify something like "drink when an animal is involved in the story", "drink when something gets burned", or "drink if something turns invisible". Players would accumulate (I don't know how) a few of these cards and it would be the job of other players to hold them to drinking by their effects. This solves the two issues brought up before but it's complicated and a tad clunky. This also has the side effect of making those story situations a tempting choice for the shrewd storyteller. I don't want to lead people in how they tell the story, in fact I think the game is at its best when folks are thinking outside the box.

What are your thoughts on these two mechanics? Which do you prefer? How can they be improved? What other alternatives haven't I thought of?



Is there a real drinking game here, too? Do players ever have to drink? And when?

Also, had you thought of props? Have a bag of objects (pointy hats, fariy wands, little capes) instead of condition cards. Then, when someone acquires the Racoon Hat of Power, it becomes obvious that he should drink when a new animal is introduced. You start sober and normal-looking. You end up blathered, waving around a wand with a glittery star and wearing a disney superhero cape while telling a tale about magical stoats. Job done.

Regis Frey

Actual drinking isn't necessary as there are cards that represent drinks, however you can take a drink for each drink card acquired making it a real drinking game.

I love the prop idea for it's clarity and humor however it changes the games physical dimensions quite a bit, something to think on. Thanks.


Sounds like quite a hoot, drinks or not. Will there be rewards for slurred speech and mispronounced spells?

A friend sent me a link to a useful site for designing your own card based games, I guess a sort of Lulu for games. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/home I haven't tried it myself but it might be worth checking out for what you have in mind.