[Game Chef 2011] Is a LARP fair game?

Started by Narmical, July 16, 2011, 10:09:42 PM

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So ive been working on my game, and it turns out I've borrowed some ideas from the LAPRs that my wife writes. As such, my game might work TOTALY sweet as a LARP. is that fair game for Game Chef?


If you can get it into roughly 3000 words, why not?
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Maybe it's against the rules. Maybe people would be biased. This larp would need 5 to 10 people. The magic might not be understood by non largest without playing.

Hans Chung-Otterson

I suppose you can ask Jonathan for an official ruling, but really, yeah, LARPs are okay. I mean, a couple years ago boardgames were okay, so.

The rules just say "design a roleplaying game." S'far as I know, a LARP is a roleplaying game.


A LARP is a game, so why not allow it? I'm all for inclusion.

Chris Engle
Chris Engle
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The Magus

What everyone else said.  I'm itching to see this.

Jonathan Walton

Larps are totally fair game!  Game Chef has traditionally been a forum for pushing the boundaries of what an RPG is or can be.  That means that YOU get to decide what a roleplaying game is, for the purposes of the contest.  Design a larp, design a single-player game, design an online chat game, design a mixed-method game that doesn't fit traditional categories at all, design whatever you want.


Here's another question in this line.

Last night I rewrote my game as a Larp and now I have two totally separate documents each of ~3000 words. One is the Table Top Rules one is the LARP rules. i Realy don't think I can get both sets of rules into 3000 words.

So... What would be the right way to submit this?
1. Submit the two versions seperatly?
2. pick one version to submit?
3. pick one version as primary and stick the other in the "supplemental" section?

Jonathan Walton

In 2004, Eero submitted 3 games, but I'm more inclined towards 1 game per chef or group of collaborating chefs.  Including an alternate ruleset as "supplemental material" seems kosher to me, though, since it's optional material not necessary for playing the game.


Your the rule maker right? So you are saying that more than one entry is allowed but not encouraged?

Jonathan Walton

Yeah, I wasn't in charge in 2004 and there were far fewer games submitted than what we'll probably have this year.  So, yes, please only one submission per person or team of people.