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Author Topic: Demons everywhere: Jennifer's Body  (Read 6345 times)

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« on: October 17, 2011, 09:59:57 AM »

The movie 'Jennifer's Body' is good fun - 'Heathers' meets 'Evil Dead'. An 'Evil Dead' t-shirt even becomes a minor bone of contention in the movie itself. The movie is especially good fun through the lens of Sorcerer. In sorcerous terms, the movie asks the question, "Can you summon and bind a demon, dump her in Podunk, Nowhere, and trust her to feed herself there without having it come back to bite you hard, even if you make good faith efforts beforehand and later from afar to help the feeding along?" and then answers this with a resounding "No!"

Supposedly, Jennifer was supposed to be a virgin sacrifice, and the fact that it wasn't was to be the reason a demonic Jennifer was haunting Devil's Kettle. Even Needy ended up believing this. It's easy to interpret Nicolai as not believing this, however, even if his bandmates did, which makes Jennifer merely a human sacrifice, and also the posthumous host for the demon summoned into her body.

Here is how I see Needy and Jennifer in the Context of Sorcerer character creation.

Anita 'Needy' Lesnicky (for most of the story)
Stamina 4 - Just Healthy
Will 5 - Social Competence
Lore 1 - Naive
Cover 5 - High Schooler
Humanity 5
Price - Socially Awkward (-1 to behave with authority or confidence)
Telltale - Goes on about Evil and demons, just a little too on the mark to be delusional

Jennifer's Body, formerly Jennifer Check - Passer
bound by Nicolai Wolf, lead singer and ringleader of the indie band Low Shoulder
Desire - Mastery
Need - Grief
Telltale - inhuman eyes that flicker in and out
Stamina 6
Will 7
Lore 6
Power 7
Cover - Jennifer
Cover - Indie Music Sensation (conveys to binder)
Link (to convey power from afar to binder)
Special Attack - Lethal
Travel - Levitation

The demonic attributes Needy picks up in the aftermath of dealing with Jennifer's Body are as follows.

Needy's Demonic Attributes - Parasite
bound by Needy Lesnicky
Desire - mayhem
Need - dominance
Telltale - distinctive wounds on host's body
Stamina 5
Will 6
Lore 5
Power 6
Powers (all convey to host):
Boost - Stamina
Cover - Demon Powered Badass
Special Attack - Nonlethal
Travel - Levitation

Needy herself in the aftermath also bears some fleshing out. I'm not sure what her new ratings would be but I see her new telltale as her face going dead when there is nothing to animate it, and her price as callousness, -1 when rolling Humanity.

-- Charles
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