[Dictionary of Mu] Alone against the Khan of Khans!

Started by angelfromanotherpin, February 16, 2008, 11:25:40 PM

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This is the second session of the game whose first session is described here

So, it was another no-prep session, riding the Dictionary's inspiration.  When we left Vornorin and Ket, they had convinced the Primites that the Hunt pursuing them was an invasion force.  A quick roll between the Pasts of the lord of the Hunt and the Primite King established that the Hunt had been successfully defeated.  We decided that pretty much wrapped up the previous session's Kickers and generated new ones.

Dave and Max had decided to conquer Marr'd, so they hired a force of Primite mercs for prospective spoils and after discussing some prospective opening targets, they chose the nomad clans.  Deciding that the way in was through the 'Khan-of-Khans' legend, Dave wanted to get involved with that somehow.  I suggested that he step up and take the traditional ordeal, but Dave balked at the penalty for failure; however, he decided that Vornorin would not balk, so he would travel to the place of ordeal to find a Khan already anointed.  Max wanted the Khan to have been a person he stole from back in the day, which I figured would do for some immediate conflict in the form of good old-fashioned tribal justice.

The session climaxed in a one-on-one duel between Vornorin and the Khan of Khans, with Ket on the side using his Inconspicuous demon to cheat, and Vornorin's hover-platform as their arena.  This situation, where the two Sorcerers were having to command their Demons one round ahead of time, started to see their mutually-supportive tactics develop nicely.  The best part came when the K2 disarmed Vornorin of his staff, which discharged in midair, and the Khan (successfully) ducked under the platform's railing to divert the blast.  Dave declared that half the platform shorted out and the whole arena would start rocking, and Max told Dave to have Vornorin shove the K2 off the platform, since he was on the very edge, under the railing, and bow-legged from worm-riding.  Dave tried the shove with a healthy number of bonus dice, and succeeded, immediately yelling "Ring Out!" and claiming victory.  My first impulse was 'is that even a recognized rule?' but of course, on Marr'd the only rule that counts is 'hold'm keep'm,' so Dave rolled Will vs the K2 to have his victory recognized, with all the rollover successes from his shove, and made it!

The session concluded with Ket forgiven and Vornorin one of the K2's councillors.  They plan to ride with him as he conquers the world and pull off a coup when the opportunity presents itself.  Vornorin also gained a Humanity when he put his life on the line to protect his servant (or maybe... his friend?  That's a thing to discuss with the players next time).  We'll also be discussing new Kickers in advance by email this week.  I know I'm risking bad luck by breaking the habit of not prepping, but I really feel like I should at least try.
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