I ask Vincent a bunch of questions like I was a horde of flying monkeys

Started by Christopher Kubasik, February 21, 2008, 09:03:50 PM

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My pleasure. More questions are always welcome.

I just meant that the particular techniques in the Wicked Age don't work as well for con games. I've had stellar con games too (especially, yes, Primetime Adventures).

Also, thanks for saying so about the illustrations. I'm happy with them.


Christopher Kubasik

Right.  Absolutely.  In a Wicked Age was designed as campaign game.  The "We Owe" list is all about that, which will in turn dictate choices for Players during conflicts.  Who is the Protagonist?  What is the world like?  The first session of IaWA, I see now, is the nice, slow beginning of the tale, and we'll be getting deeper and harder the further into play we go.

With only one session and no expectation of further sessions it's too easy to just slide by features of the game and be rushing, as you said, to the action and fights.  So I completely agree.

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John Harper

I like to play Wicked with the idea that a chapter is roughly an hour long. Sometimes that means they're two hours. But with some gumption you can get 2 chapters done in a convention time slot (and with some luck, 3), which is fantastic.

The guys at ConQuest did a fun thing: the kept one Owe List for the whole day as they rotated GMs and swapped players in and out. I may try something similar at Games on Demand at GenCon.
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Christopher Kubasik

Hi John,

I actually had been thinking of something along similar lines with swapping out GMs and keeping the story going.  Players could come back in and find out what the story had become through the weekend.

"Can't we for once just do what we're supposed to do -- and then stop?
Lemonhead, The Shield


It worked well at ConQuest. I played an early chapter and a later one, then GM'd the 6th one. I had a certain sense of continuity.

I also have a plan to keep the same Owe list for all games I run and flesh out a world map to go along with it. That will let the map grow just like the one for Elric or Conan grew as the author wrote stories in specific locations.
- Alan

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