[TPK] Black Island

Started by droog, April 09, 2008, 07:48:29 PM

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Hello! This is my first attempt at an island of the Kingdom, and I'd like to submit it for comments. It is for a game with my wife and daughter.


A large island with over a dozen villages. The islanders farm the rich soil and share the wealth of a recently-found seam of gold.

Conceit: The islanders are so busy getting rich that they do not want to care for their children.
Injustice: Children are being made to work as young as five; some in dangerous and unhealthry conditions. Seven-year-old Spike must work in the gold mine and is always sick. He never gets time to play.

Disobedience: Because children are being pushed into work, some people, including all the children, are getting unfair wages.
Outlaws: More people are stealing to survive, and gangs of children roam the island creating havoc. Thorn, Spike's father, was sacked from his old job and has had to find employment at the mine.

Unrest: People are striking for better pay; there have been fights at the mine.
Loss of liberty: A curfew has been ordered; demonstrations and strikes have been put down.

False Leader: Ash Weaver leads a large faction of the workers of the island, who are agitating for full pay for adults.
Rebellion: Weaver's forces have clashed with the forces loyal to Governor Jasper, and it looks set for full-scale war.

What the citizens want

Ash wants the princesses to make him governor.

Governor Jasper wants to remain governor, and have the rebels taken care of.

Thorn and his wife Rose want proper work for Thorn.

Spike wants to be able to play and not be sick.

Magpie, the leader of a gang of kids, wants the princesses to leave the island alone.
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