[Super Action NOW!] PDF available soon?

Started by Spooky Fanboy, March 22, 2009, 10:44:03 PM

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Spooky Fanboy

As the title says, is there any hope for a pdf or document of some sort for SAN! ?
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Marshall Burns

Do you mean that as in "a fully updated version that tells you all the things I've learned from playtesting"? 'Cause that's a no, so far. It's a fairly low priority, and I haven't had time for it yet.

But there's still the basically functional 3rd draft rules here:
...which I would be glad to explain and discuss in order to fill in the holes since then and now.

Is that helpful at all?

Spooky Fanboy

Okay, I was wondering, because on RPGNet they had it as an example of a system that could do humorous superhero roleplaying. So I saw that site, knew I couldn't print it out (printer issues), and came here wondering if you'd updated it and put it in PDF or something like that.

If you've worked on it and updated it, that would be interesting to hear more about.
Proudly having no idea what he's doing since 1970!

Marshall Burns

Whoa, they were talking about one of my games on RPGNet? Seriously? Cool.

If you're having printer problems, I could print out a copy of that and mail it to you. Just email me a mailing address (marksman45 [at] gmail).

As for updates:
I haven't actually done any work on a new version. I just know, vaguely, what I'd like to change about it. None of the actual mechanics are changing, except Abusing The Equipment is being taken out because I've never ever used it. The changes are a matter of how the mechanics are explained (which, in practice, turns out to be part of "what the mechanics actually are"). Mostly, a bigger focus on the From The Hat rules, and encouragements to do things that would break other games, but turn out to be just fine in SAN!.

Marshall Burns

Oh, and a bit more explanation, because I've just realized that I'm being vague.

The new, updated version of SAN! will be something that is re-written from a blank page, will be illustrated and properly laid-out, and probably will not be free (although, if I charge money for it, there will be a PDF version that's really cheap). This is the reason I haven't done it yet: I'm already busy doing that with the Rustbelt.