[Solar System] Star Wars - KOTOR: Suggestions for Crunch Landscape

Started by Luca Veluttini, November 20, 2009, 12:29:26 PM

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Luca Veluttini

Hi to everyone.

I'd like to take the d20 Star Wars Saga in Solar System.

Any suggestions for the crunch landscape?


Eero Tuovinen

I distinctly remember having had this conversation somewhere... ah, here and here. Pretty good stuff, I especially like the whole idea of taking the background content and making it your own, instead of being too tied down by the canon. My own treatment of the jedi in the latter thread is especially something I'm fond of - it all seems to flow beautifully together, including the capstone Secrets for sith, jedi masters and academy training. I tested some stuff that later made its way into the new TSoY book in that treatment, in fact.

Other than that, I have only really skimmed Star Wars Saga, so I don't have a very clear picture of the content and themes it emphasizes. Perhaps you could pick that apart for us a bit? There's all sorts of things one could do with Star Wars, but we need a premise to work with - what do you want to accomplish with the crunch? Are you interested in a quirky or vanilla solution? Are you going to play an indeterminate-length campaign that spans the whole setting, or something more focused?
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Luca Veluttini

NOTE: I'm Italian, sorry for the wrong English if will occurs. ^_^

QuotePerhaps you could pick that apart for us a bit?

I'd like to focalize on the Knights of the Old Republic Saga (KOTOR Saga).
It focuses on the period between the Great SIth War and the final destruction of the Old Sith Empire. During this time, the galaxy is embroiled in one war after another, and the Jedi are all but wiped out. There are 4 wars (Nd: BBY means Before Battle of Yavin, the destruction of the first Death Star in the Classic Trilogy, Episode 4: A New Hope):

- The Great SIth War (4,000-3,996 BBY)
- The Restoration Period (3,995-3,966 BBY)
- The Mandalorian Wars (3,965-3,960 BBY)
- The Jedi Civil War (3,959-3,956 BBY)

The Force Knowledge spread in the galaxy, both Dark Side and Light Side.

Quotewhat do you want to accomplish with the crunch?

There are many points:

- Abundance of Force-users
- A civilization under the Siege of the Sith (Dark Side) and the Mandalorians (more advanced warfare, technology, etc.)
- A state of constant warfare
- The presence of Mysterious enemies
- The rising power of corporations in the Republic
- Intrigues

- The Powers and the Techniques of the Force (Secrets)
- The doubts spreading in the Jedi Order (Light Side? Dark Side? The Dark Side traitors are in truth or in wrong?)
- The possibility in piloting airships
- Realizing the Destiny, a fate that bring a charachter to change something in the story of the galaxy

QuoteAre you interested in a quirky or vanilla solution?

I prefer a solution that involves charachters in a troubling time, they have a destiny.
I'd like to explore the character in this period. How they will react in front of the war events?
I think that Pervy is what I search.

QuoteAre you going to play an indeterminate-length campaign that spans the whole setting, or something more focused?

Indeterminate-length campaign.

Simon JB

Great, I love trying to help with these things! (Mostly do it at this Swedish forum, though).

As Eero said, we need a bit to work with here. So, start us off with something! Suggestions:

- Give us a bunch of secrets you think are given. We can help you with ideas of how they should work.

- Write up a list of abilities you would like to see on the sheets, so we can see how broad or narrow you like them. Make some categories, like maybe Combat, Social, City, Wilderness, Space, Force, etc, and write down a bunch of abilities under each one. Show us the list and let us help with working it out.

- Keys might be trickier to just write down, so tell us which themes you would like to see represented in the characters to give you that special Kotor feel (whatever that is to you!)! I bet we can give you some suggestions.

If you need more to start you off, take a look at other crunch packages, for example in Eero's The World of Near book, or here. That should give you some stuff you can use, and maybe make it easier to define what you want different!