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Started by dindenver, February 15, 2010, 09:23:43 PM

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We played Zombie cinema this weekend!

I drew:
Such an Opportunity
something else.

  I decided I would be a Russian Mail Order Bride of the guy having a mid-life Crisis.

  One of the players pulled up along side me in a truck as the zombies were descending upon us. Naturally, I pepper sprayed him.

  Then I drove his truck to catch up with the other players in the Death Cult's Temple.
  By then, there was only a Southern Baptist Priest, a rent-a-cop and use two.
  Because the Stoners had already merged into a mega-zombie (with tentacle powers).

  We managed to get the bus the cult used for recruiting. But that is when the Zombie virus became airborn.

  And as the green mist slipped in through the bus windows Svetlana said, "Land of opportunity my ass..."
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Eero Tuovinen

Ha! At first I thought that the mail order bride thing was pessimistic social realism, which is common in this game. Then I realized that you were doing comedy.

Did you have any pathos, or was it a quick ride from sketch to sketch?
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  Well, the guy who bought me died before I got there. so, we didn't get any drama from that.
  And everyone tried to save me at the end, because at the point in the bus, I was the last human alive.
  The weird thing about the game was, it was the most morally bankrupt movie possible.
  The protagonists were corrupt construction workers, mid-life crisis Ferrari driving mail-order bride ordering crazies and stoners.
  While the zombies were grade school children who were exposed to Toxic Waste.
  And when things got bad, we ran to a evil death cult temple for refuge.

  But, there was one character that was redeemable. The guard of the construction site where the disaster started. In the end he sacrificed himself to save my character. I tried to save the virgins that the evil death cult were keeping in the basement, and then the zombie virus went airborne.

  So, all the pathos was meta. at least a couple of timed during the story, we would all stop and comment on how this movie was sending all the wrong messages.

  Also, one character (not the player) told everyone that you don't smoke dope in a zombie movie, because they die first. And they did!

  Good times...
Dave M
Author of Legends of Lanasia RPG (Still in beta)
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Christoph Boeckle

Oh... Russian mail-order bride... I'll have to try. Could trump the classic blonde heroine Eero says is made of win, at least in some circles. Also, children-zombies will really make me think twice before shooting.